Local Vendor Spotlight: Grain & Veil Photography Co.

I’m SO excited for our very first local vendor spotlight! Every few blog posts we will be picking a vendor that we have worked with to tell you a little bit about them and why we recommend them for your special event.

I chose Grain & Veil as our first local vendor to spotlight because, since re-opening our business here in Flagstaff, Aldric and his team have been amazing folks that we have partnered with several times. From photography to short film making they are fantasic!

I first met Aldric like I meet most vendors, via email. He reached out to me to let me know that he also was starting a business in Flagstaff and was hoping to work as a wedding film maker FOR FREE for one of my lucky clients, in order to help build his portfolio. Now, as a wedding coordinator I often help block a lot of the “noise” from my clients so of course I was a bit cautious at first. However I decided to take a chance on him, and I am so so glad I did! Grain & Veil Photo Co. was there from setup until late in the evening capturing all of the special moments that happen during a wedding day. The film he created with the speeches given as the background track was incredibly moving. His drone shots of the Flagstaff forest were beyond beautiful.

Since then, Grain & Veil has grown from a one man show to a team of professionals that are passionate about their art and making sure that their clients experience is one of a kind. We have worked on several projects since then and it is always a pleasure to work with this amazing team! Clients get their photos/video in a reasonable time and I have yet to hear of any clients that were anything short of astonished at the kindness of Aldric, Skye & their team of shooters.

If your looking for a photographer or film maker for your upcoming wedding or other event I highly recommend you check out Grain & Veil Photo Company. There are A LOT of photographers out there for you to choose from, but I personally always recommend these guys first!

You can find Grain & Veil On Instagram & Facebook as well as their website: https://grainandveil.com/

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